Natalie Roll

A Question for Sam*

Why does something as full as the ocean resonate with hollowness?

Cellos in the dark.

Pearlescent foam

rolling over sand

pools itself together.

Water folds in on itself.

The sound of shells, tunnels, and distant cars carry me to you:


you've past.

I'm trying to say "I miss you"

with the mood

of waking up

dripping in thoughts

to the morning of your empty space -

like the dust-mingled air of Dorian Grey

*This is one of two poems in this issue dedicated to the memory of Sam August. Read Emily Hunerwadel's "August" here.


 	One 	x   in a         vast oval      -          the opal on fire  	Ribbons mirror blue 	 to black   &    white  	If Pointalism were The          point as the words of 	signification grow 	 meaningless.  	Saussure, Nabokov,    		Rumi .   	Wideness  		keeps seeking  	for ruin 	(I run)

Ghoul School_ time machine

                h                  t               e                e  ~               b      .                p             to   ;                   demolished           a              e                        t             v             &             h              a                      re placed         i               h                      t                                  s                  y  a           l e                        m      f


...cobwebs cradle the electricity of your old 		 		storied floors  				not alien planets  		wish again,	you golden ghouls.  	this isn't a love letter 			 			or a muses song  		   everyone needs no one in their life  	light without shadows	falls madness into   						sadness  	there is no truth that exists solely on the ownership  				 				of one.  Let's say you believe in me,	&	, I believe you ... in you  			slips like satin sheets                         h                         i			lips to roll fleshy bites                         p 			s			bury the borrower's soul  						to depths of bulky blue, 		 							seen-unseen  							too.

Eating a Thought

Could Food + Care = L O V E ?  If I consistently confuse bi-polar with 				bi-sexual  		all	the	time -   					what does that mean? 							man..  Is a jack-of-all-trades 	really a  	master of none?   				theses *  		these pieces of coy-tations  			acting like 		 				sewer  				 				tongues -   			or could they be cut  				from a traumatic  					wave of  			 					cloth,  		not 	felt, by sanguated  				hands.

Kitchen Window

My fears 	 speak to me like mermaids _____ they told me to write that l 			   i             ^a		   n 	    |n		   e Straight up |d	    _      .             _   -          _   -\  d    o -          \         n Air          \    w circuitry      -  _  _ does not circle, polygraph  the heart, 	or  was  it  the  love?      Who could ever see a shape      for a feeling.  	Portents     could be portals      not prophets,         if only they                s           m         e        l       l 	e              d       like something else.

Natalie Roll began writing suddenly in 2015 and continues to write.