Meghann Boltz

I Keep Poisoning My Body Like It’s the Earth or Something

The landscape is a headache, it starts as suddenly as it stops.

I only feel real when I’m crying.

Accusations of solipsism.

Haven’t you heard the personal is political!

The internal as a microcosm of the external mise-en-scène.

An obliteration of borders.

Here, come & have some tea.

It is so hot it will scald the roof of your mouth.

And your tongue. It will burn your throat,

Your stomach lining, your intestines, your rectum.

Your asshole.

Maybe it wasn’t tea after all.

Something more volatile.

The man said my ex-wife had long hair, then she cut it.

L'Origine du monde translates roughly into English as pain.

What a lark! What a plunge!

To be baptized in the royal blue waters of the Gansevoort Hotel rooftop pool

By the tattooed megachurch preacher

On a day like today

My fear of submergence, temporarily elsewhere

& in this moment, none of it is ridiculous

Anything is possible!

Even a vaginal orgasm sprung from the antediluvian gimmick of penetrative sex—

As rare & unexpected as the Osmia avosetta

Found lining their chambers with pink petals, mud

In the hills off beautiful Antalya, O

How dreamy life can be—

Me, in an oversized Hooters promotional tee, soaked through

To transparency & no closer to god than before

But inviting it all, like a solitary hostess planning her last extravagant party

Remembering none of it but sweetness,

The taste not yet bitter.

The Ticket

There is pleasure

To be found

In depriving


Of certain

Joys, bound


In the color

Of the millennium


Saltines &


On the telephone

The tiger,

Its paw, its


Impersonal jaw

Such is the

Appeal of this

Coney Island


She knows

It turned him


To see her

Turned on

At the coffee


Her sex

Lit up

Like a pinball


A sort of


Hot &


In your own



It never

Had a thing

To do

With you

Meghann Boltz is a poet and author of the chapbooks Cautionary Tale (b l u s h lit, 2021) and rebel/blonde (Bottlecap Press, 2018), as well as the microchap Roleplay (Ghost City Press, 2020). Her work has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, Peach Mag, GlitterMOB, Voicemail Poems, Shitwonder, and elsewhere.