Francesca Kritikos

YouTube Dietician

Eating too much

after periods of restriction

is the body's completely natural response

Overeating after periods of starvation

is a perfectly normal reaction

of the body

Heightened eating post-starvation

is a wholly natural aftereffect

in the animal body

After starvation, overeating is the

absolutely normal answer

of the organism

Hyperfeeding in the seasons after starvation

is the body's consummately physiological


In the afterhunger, ultraconsuming

is a totally natural counteraction

for the living occurrence

Post-famine gorging

is an utterly typical act

for the organ-cluster

Steel Chains for Baby

Steel chains for baby


he told me

Then once it learns

it won’t get


twine is all

a body needs

In bed I wait

for him

to bring me

three red grapes

on a plate

& fall asleep

Francesca Kritikos (@fmkrit) is the author of the poetry collection Exercise in Desire (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2022) and the editor in chief of SARKA (@sarka.publishing). She is currently based in Chicago. Her work has been published by The Quarterless Review, ITERANT, The London Magazine, Wonder, Blush Lit and more.