Annakeara Stinson

que sera

I employ quantum healers and psychics.

who else casts out ache through

the curse matrix? father was a dark

mouth. his arms no longer move at will.

I sit in a bath and my body submits to a

childish sadness. I howl as though mother

might hear me. next door lives a young

woman, she gets boxes from Nasty Gal.

surrender to a calling less divine.

we read through a book – beckon your

soulmate from the web’s wilderness.

I am bitter and have no clear intent,

I’m learning. women need sharp teeth,

bald labias, tennis skirts. I’m unable to

open my mouth wide, I tell everyone.

I have no cavities and no ambition.

I’ve never shaved my legs clean.

Annakeara is a writer based in Los Angeles. She is working on her first novel.