Hannah Elliott

Fluffy Bunny

In transit, I am in love with all the eyes

That have seen mine

I find love in a flea or a subway decal

Girlina in the faux fur coat

Would you like a bite of mine

Pee bee an jay

Everyone on this train


About my belly ache

I can see it in their


You, with the blow out

May I scoot in your shoe?

Only for a few stops

Then I will find something else to do

Decline takes form in the

Way you flash your whites at me

Like I look any creepier than a fluffy bunny

I promise to post on Craigslist when I get home

I promise I am your bunny

I promise

And surely I will forget

Lachrymal locomotive

Thou art spurious in the

Laud of your capaciousness

For I feel so prodigious

Her knee high boots

Deemed the sight as divinity

And love, at last, stupefied in glass

Hannah Elliott is a Brooklyn based poet and playwright from Hollywood, Florida. You can find her poetry published by Moral Crema, Pom Pom Press, and constantly posted on her instagram @fetalbabushka.