Joe Verica

Ineloquent Bye

I always thought I was straight until I got licked

all over by a bigirl in a pink mylittlepony

bedroom in Boulder after getting dumped by

a girl who wanted to start dating girls and now

on the dating apps I only match with bigirls

lover after lover braless with beautiful hair

in their armpits and my last lover said it’s

because my body is naturally nearly hairless

and my queer friend has a boyfriend and calls

him “straight” with the quotes now I’m questioning

if I’m “straight” with the quotes and if that

makes me queer or bi or whatever because

I like girls who like guys and girls who like girls

and I can come with or without putting my dick

in anyone like what’s wrong with being 31 and

having no fucking idea what’s going on

Joe Verica lives along Colorado’s Front Range, he received an MFA from the University of Iowa, his skateboarding has appeared on and his poetry has been featured nowhere else.