marshall woodward

the dragon dwells in my back pain

every bone aches

in the boat i buy

i name it low sex drive

it’s a shrimper with a tramp stamp

the storm starts the dragon

sings me to sleep    in minor keys

i drift to planet b a choir calms me

strokes me naked sounds

come together i ask 

is the patch of meat  

on my jaw

a lottery ticket or taking up space

it is galveston it is marseille

princes are angry friends come 

aboard we hump

slurp negronis and i’d love you

to walk all over me

marshall woodward is a writer & geologist born & raised on the gulf coast. he lives in houston, texas where he is an mfa candidate at the university of houston’s creative writing program. his work has appeared in fence, gossamer, b l u s h, pompom press and wrongdoing mag. he was previously editor in chief of the satire project cultural fan fiction. he is currently writing a manuscript about empire, iphone addiction, and the met cloisters.