- Bookmaking Instructions -


- Box cutter (or something similarly sharp and flat)

- A printer

- Thin string ~ 9-12cm length

- Sewing needle

1) Print Side 1

2) Print Side 2 on the reverse side,

make sure these corners match up front-to-back:

[Book A] Side 1: top right (ROLL) + Side 2: top left (weaving black)

[Book B] Side 1: top left (art is an adaptive) + Side 2: top right (be ditto)

[Book C] Side 1: top left (dear hand) + Side 2: top right (#17)

3) Fold page in half, hot dog style, score hard, and open

4) Fold in half, hamburger style, score hard

5) Fold in half again, score hard, and open

6) With side 1 up, Fold the page in half one way, then in half the other, then in half again

make sure the front pg is __ + back pg is ___

[Book A] 'time castle' + 'ROLL'

[Book B] 'art is an adaptive' + 'art is the realized'

[Book C] 'dear hand' + 'so begins the tale...'

8) Cut all the folds except the spine

9) Open the book to the half way page and poke three holes through the spine:

*1 inch from top *middle *1 inch from bottom

10) String the needle, tie a knot on the end, and weave from outside to inside:

middle hole, to top hole, to bottom hole, back to middle hole

11) Tie a knot and cut the tails

Voila! You made your own book to read :)

#2 - On Death & Music (from time castle)

You want to be

the girl of my dreams,

haunting behind a

pale-glowing veil.........

Of fog, dusty and sweet, like

Sweat pouring from a

glistening back,,

A cog encased

in a genius machine.

silk to the touch-,-,-,-

time castle side 1

time castle side 2

Crazy (from art is an adaptive)

is a song

like any other,

except this one is true.

Like a feeling

a sapphire might get

when someone tells them

they're just blue.

Like a verdant fire

Crazy is something

you can't stop to smell

it seeks you out

or down

like a snake among the brush


you can talk some sense into it.

Crazy is magenta

pulsing vibrating

when there isn't any music to hear

no ears to listen

no face to turn.

It's a gregarious smile

from ear to ear

in sharp cuts

and twists

it seems to form an almost perfect


x x

except the tails can never touch

if they do

it will be like copper

touching copper

in a closed system

where the only goal

is fire.

Electric eel feeling

that starts in dead cells

like nails

or hair

but creeps up and out

toward living matter

in such a way

that it feels organic

labeled alive


like a hybrid

between lightning

and flesh.

art is an adaptive side 1

art is an adaptive side 2

#17(from dear hand)

Here are shadows

like giants

Blotting out

brown with black

And lifting

the sea to its foam

With one whisper of a

plushy dream

where the earth and sky

Cast their own silhouettes

dear hand side 1

dear hand side 2