Patrick Evan Thornton

morphin’ time

rita was queer coded so maybe that’s why she’s my favorite? but i am in love with

tommy and kimberly—well maybe i just want to be them. it’s like falling in love with

yourself but it’s the 90s so i say nothing. i’m only in kindergarten where i keep

looking at my crush over the folders that are supposed to stop cheating. i only want

to save the world in thirty minutes and have someone spin me around so my skirt

twirls. someone calls me crybaby. have i had my first kiss yet? i miss knowing

something without a name

Patrick Evan Thornton (he/they) is a writer and poet living in Chicago. Patrick received an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia College Chicago and is the former managing editor of Ghost Proposal. Patrick's poetry and nonfiction have appeared in No Contact Magazine, pan-pan press, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Redivider, and on the podcast And That's Why We Drink among others.