Kitty Saint-Rémy

i knew exactly what would happen

You speak of pleasure,

and being inside, and giving me children.

you wish I could believe

that I am the woman you made me.

I came, and wept -

and realized our arms outstretched

in front and behind us

never brought us closer to the truth.

I wish my mother told me

that with a stack of cash

and a love of God

I could be a hero

but I could no longer find a thing

in me that I could sell.

The only ones that can be saved

refuse to play the game.

estrogen versus viagra

Somewhere in America,

I adorn myself with

a love I hope will save my soul.

The only thing they bought for me

was lube from a Walmart.

Now I remember

that God is a product of human labor.

If there is a point in history

where my words could be understood,

I’d like to be there.

High school girls in mall theaters

are still dreaming of luxury -

what’s the price of understanding your lover?


I always found men


and women more beautiful,


hooker love story

A pearl of woman on my tongue

you’ll marry for money

too beautiful to be unlucky

will you still love me

when you’ve married for money?

I believe in miracles

at the end of all hope

next to you, making me love you

I would like to be you

or give birth to you

I wish you were my mother.

We play at separation

but the love, I think, is real

as you pack your bags you ask me

what is a worthy trade

to make for oneself?

Kitty Saint-Rémy is a Brooklyn-based poet who believes in the power of beauty and repulsion. She is at home living and writing in extremes. She loves poetry because it is hopeful, fantastic, glamorous, and profane. She’s always plotting something. Find her on Instagram and Twitter @kittysaintremy.