Jacqueline Fuson Keding

Itemized wishlist of ballsack-looking baby robins


Love into constituent


simmer, persimmon, commitment, cum,

laude, louder, stagger, other, half-

blind and all sweaty

into dew & thorn, yew & yore

cornucopia me

& my delusions

as any flower faces what shrivels it, thicketed

tho it may be—


each arm of bloom

grasp thy stalk

meet thy doom

heat thy room

w/ skin,

“abide by”

abode be

my body,

aswarm r

th stars,

who pollinate,

alight upon

th earth that i might

fuck yr brains

out among their indifferent

pantheon, respectfully.

duvet >> devotion

devil >> the details

duty >> dominion

lily >> be damned


limn from limn,

rouged crematorium,

what would u do w/ this

if i asked nicely this

oil’d hallelujah,

this rock.


seeds in the face of seeds—

storms in the guise of blood—

blame has no place in greed—

greed has no place in us—

except of course it does—

my dude, i am delirious.

my dude, i am desirous.

my dude, accept my sacrifice.

take this hand, sweet bro,

into yr very heart

& twist it

pull it bop it make it


for there is no harm in dying

nor nettles in my palm

Jacqueline Fuson Keding is living in Somerville, Mass. She works with birds & birdsong neuroscientists. Sometimes birdseed will get caught in one of the sinks and sprout. One of her siblings runs a meme page and the other drinks insane amounts of milk.