Hannah Judd

27 years old!

The FUCK is a project manager?

(and why won’t anybody tell me?)

How many more years will people I’m on a bad date with fail to explain bitcoin

being sure that they can explain it to me

I just haven’t gotten a good enough explanation

and that’s why I don’t understand it

but their noble effort will enlighten me re: cryptocurrency

without the answer I’m looking for is to the question WHY SOMETHING SHOULD BE


like how is bitcoin different from a beanie baby

besides that you couldn’t buy drugs online with a beanie baby in 2014

Hannah Judd is a soon-to-be Berlin transplant and PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at the University of Chicago, where her work centers on sound archives and public memory. Her music lives at hannahjudd.bandcamp.com, and she has been previously published in the New Door Press anthology Ways of Walking. Find her on instagram @thejuddites for creative projects of various kinds (not only is she bisexual, she's also single!).