Cade Leebron


In the car we eat Life Savers. You talk

about big sky country I don’t know what

that means. The sky is big everywhere.

I want even the bad adventures. Concerts

where it rains they don’t cancel the show

it’s awful we stay for the whole thing.

Canceled flights accidental overnights

near the Phoenix airport. Carsickness

on the Pacific. Even in the cities

where we live for work the sky is

amazing the clouds are doing this

endless stacking thing. I could be

in love with anywhere. I could be

in love with you anywhere.


I’ll come back for kolaches at Czech Stop

sparkled sweatshirts from Style Station.

He’ll be there trying on yet another denim

jacket. He’ll say funny seeing you here

darlin I’ll say it’s just that I no longer

owned anything from West, Texas.

We’ll be eating kolaches I’ll show him

the ring light in my influencer van.

Cade Leebron is a disabled writer. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, HAD, and elsewhere. She exists online at