Jen Frantz

Led Zeppelin

Sex, as I imagined,

was between two

songs. The songs

were by

Led Zeppelin.

I wore blue.

I wore white.

I made my hair

curved and


Love me, I said.

Like you love

Led Zeppelin.

My palms were


I waited at corners.

I held a guitar

by its frontal lobe.

We could be

in the car with

nothing to do

and no one to kiss

but each other.

Your neck could be

my neck. My neck

could be


Some bands are from

Akron, Ohio.

They are not

Led Zeppelin.

I asked you to

the dance and

you said no.

You grew into

a physicist.

Man, do you ever

look at the stars

and see—

what you’re

willing to do.

Jen Frantz is a college dropout from Ohio. Her poems have been published in Pinwheel and Sporklet and are forthcoming in Washington Square Review. She is currently an MFA candidate at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, where she is poetry editor of The Iowa Review.