Stephanie Luka

I Am the Messiah-Babe Flame

I know I am in rehab – but from what? My mind

performs a love spell monologue; a vulgar curse &

no mercy; mere endless, pink murmuring.

My future is dead by proxy. Baby's grown

into a war zone! I am a mirage, an oasis –

I'll let u taste me & then watch u die.

I now go incognito everywhere; baby's monstrous

and sweet! Baby's in the corner, going mad! Mellow,

smiling, dead eyes & wet lips; I am the midnight doll.

I am the fatal blow of the post-Madonna heatwave;

girly belly filled with plums, venom, sour milk &

psychotic butterflies. Timeless, immortal:

my heavy stare out at the feral ocean, my fate –

a painless sunset, a ruin. In my hot mouth

breeds spitefully the heart of a sick daisy.


I’m too extraordinary for my own good. No breath,

just blood; I’ve been out of breath since the end

of summer. What if it happened... What if I

happened? What if I happened To You?! I’m dying

to live; I’m running uphill at dawn, panting loudly

and whispering to myself all Bible verses

mentioning 'angel' and 'woman'. I’m in labour

giving birth to endless desperation. Slept naked;

woke up naked. I’m a divorcee; I was the male

gaze's wife. Washed my car today; didn’t feel sexy.

I want to buy something made of glass; mysterious

like my body –a new object for a new obsession.

Yours So Truly, I Am the Girl Messiah

I am a Girl, sometimes regarded

as a highness, a treasure, Prey – I am

to many ultimately some incarnation

composed of multitudes of fantasies.

The first hour is truly mine – yet no

truly perfect night; only darkness

and something that resembles it.

My aura is a church

& The Freedom (to sway,

to obsess, to radiate).

Heart stuffed with solidified rose

water; I am a peony and inside my womb

I carry a sword. A post-Bloom empire;

a fertile ruin: a hole in the sky

through which my wet tongue moves.

Stephanie Luka is a girl, God & writer. She is also an elusive and constantly transforming secret. Her art is an attempt at revealing her purest self – & possibly an eternal failure. Find her on Instagram @stephanieluka