Geraldine Jorge

what if i said

You can take yr flowers and shovem

Not even yelled line, just a plain

To make you peep

I might dart

Off the curb,

Cup an Its-It

In my palm,

No one saw

You're like wtf and I'm like elves

Staircase secret society

Lemon juice conspiracy

Tried to play by the rules babe

But the rules wouldn't let me play

I'm out there fiending

Get cut off by an Audi

Other day and I go

Whoa that dude's exquisite

Wristwatch spells right of way

I’ll dye my hair,

Change my name

Something boring

More egg man

Than you could ever

You could yell this plane yrself

Gonna take lot more than spew

To bridge the wormhole

Geraldine Jorge is an e-merging, second-generation, Filipino-American writer with an interest in the interstice. She currently lives in Oakland, where she has given local readings.