Anastasios Karnazes



Apologies for poetry

that I forgot publishing it

pink in overwriting

I could write the poetry over

space gray in provenance

heroic dosing the pink pill

about publishing poetry

in politeness for it

I’m my own pink idiot

I’m sorry about.


I’m angered totally

I’m having a panic attack

pink about poetry’s ending

since I stole to write

good poetry for some time

preparing words to be

good ones in the poetry

I wished for still was

wrong about poetry

it’s so over.

*Anastasios sent us this poem, and later realized it had been published (as POETRY LYRIC) in Adjacent Pineapple. He was too distracted by PINK! In poetic apology, he wrote POETRY 2 and POETRY 3 for Hot Pink. We forgive you, Anastasios! Poetry forgives you! PINK gets us all riled up!

Anastasios Karnazes is author of the chapbook Rainbow Sonnets 20 (The Song Cave) and editor of Theaphora Editions.