Sophia Dahlin


at soft ends today we

searched for a theme

my therapist and I

she brought up this



my love and I are in

it's safe


once she almost

moved a lover in!!

think of the


I haven't wanted

to date online

the friends I sit

airily apart of in

yards or a park

are often exes

that's as sexy

as I've been

amorously I say I

love you stay

safe thanks for

red wine I'll suck

the last of it off

my ball jar's ridged

lid and stash

that in my


that's enough

if I can't

touch a new person

can't even get

close enough to

lift their smell in

how could I

I mean if I can't

fuck you how

do I know I want



still it might help me

feel more like a like

pillar of winged


like trilling like a flash

than the flat shut thing

I sometimes am


I used to date like cum

was pokemon

now I'm like the way

an egg won't let

the sun or moon in


It's more lesbian culture to be bi

than lesbian. Sappho married a man, maybe,

or was that rumors. Still, it's very lesbian culture

to marry a man then a lot of women

sulk about it and write poems. What sweeter

cuckoldry than that shared by a room

of women sad another woman's straight?

There are two kinds of lesbian: Sappho,

and a roomful of lesbians. A lesbian couple

falls into one or the

other of those categories.

Violet and I are Sappho.

You and I are a roomful of lesbians. Brooke

keeps dating men but she does it

in a really gay way, she keeps

picking them up in

trucks, she calls them

"boys." Men like her so much they

pant, they get all relaxed and wet. I guess

if you really really

really like men it's not even

heterosexual it's just nice, right, equal.

When I'm with a man I'm never gloating

never think oh all the lesbians must be sad. I just

get like, oh no, they won't

let me in the room, the roomful

of lesbians! Let me in! I said the thing about

lesbian culture being bi and Ronah

was pissed, she wants credit

for her dedication. When Rowan got gay he said

he was gayer than me and I

was like put in the hours bitch.

Did you know Psappho spelled it Psappho.

Psopphie. Did you know they called her


Sophia Dahlin is generally a poet in Oakland. She teaches generative poetry workshops and edits Eyelet, a chapbook press, with Jacob Kahn. Her first book, Natch, came out with City Lights in 2020.