Britt Billmeyer-Finn

from Dear Seeker, There is __

a Poetry Guide to Tarot

“Devotee” for the Cups Court

The mother tends

to the garden to their ferns

having learned through the precarity of life

there is thirst The fern tells them what

it needs The mother

being good enough

does their part to help the plant thrive

Beautiful, unwavering failure

each self

illuminated at different

moments or electrically, devastatingly

all at once

Queen of Cups faces the sea

looking at an ornate chalice

with intensity

Waves have patterns

are deadly Swept up in it all

to be devoted


“Stacks” for the Emps

Major Arcana

There are always limitations create or destroy

oppressions/oppressors and disavowal

options and choice in the face of the dead

tools as opposed to law liberation for all

There is a fluidity of roles in the tyranny

in the micro and macro in sex and desire

in selves and others

A beautiful sculptural representation of an ex/internal world

and the fragility of power

Naked person tits out with ease

lies down in a field, rubbing the palm of their hand over the grass

manifesting blessings through an embodied moment of comfort

Saturating yellows, oranges, blues

crown of stars holding scepters

The rams head of Aries a field of wheat

A worm eaten body becomes the mountains and sea

Restoration/Reparation the brightest star in the sky

Britt Billmeyer-Finn is a poet, playwright and social worker living in Northampton, MA. They have published two books of poetry: the meshes (Black Radish Books 2015) and Slabs (Timeless Infinite Light, 2016). She is cofounder of Threshold Academy, a future bookstore and current alternative education space under which she co hosts the But Also Reading Series and coordinates the At Home Library Archival Residency. Britt recently has work published at La Vague Journal, Foglifter's Home is Where You Queer Your Heart and Baest: a Journal of Queer Forms & Affects.