Aderet Fishbane

Dirt waltz!

And who are you? the unattached pretty piece of meat; the underpaid silky daughter--

Do you gyrate careful on metal and dried leaves? or are you the one with tight thighs and eyebrows,

squeezing out your orgasms like syrup or gasoline?

Are you the rent-collector, big bad man, taking soft tits hostage? Do you collect debts and

spit your way into good girls’ arms? Are you looking for a warm place to sleep tonight?

and what about your fresh fruits? do you pay your way into soft yellow things and terrify them

with your teeth until they’re decidedly yours? Do you lick afraid at the wrong parts and lose

yourself in brightly colored markets?

and what about your body and your paperings? Are you a pink-plaid gal? Do you use wood

for your crutches or pillows? Do you lean into the wind or away from it? Are you girlish trick-

candle or man on fire?

Aderet Fishbane is a young lesbian poet whose work is confessional and kind of obsessive, and explores things like sex/uality, grief, body and bodies, pretty people, and religion. You can find more of their work with Lavender Review, Lesbians Are Miracles, and Grain of Salt.