Holy Sonnet 5

...and because They made them too for pleasure 

They too wanted a go but had an image

to protect—I mean you can’t go down

in the book as another Lot or David.

So an airtight alibi, immaculate 

as the most perfectly bleached anus

or flushed colon came the Annunciation.

And being G_d, They F—‘d the Sh_t out of her—

you think porn is nasty now, how’s the one

who knows the end of Time going to do her?

Behind a less holey barn where you can’t hear

if screams are pleasure, pain, or submission—

a session to sate Them for eternity

and leave the Holy Trinity but

a private pun, to spare their poor believers.

Roy (he/she/they) are a queer, non-binary, polyamorous Chinese-Canadian poet living in Brooklyn. They have been published in ANMLY, Prairie Fire, The Windsor Review, and QuibbleLit among other places. They have also reviewed poetry for ARC and The Globe & Mail