there need not be poetry

Intensifying GodGlow is AH gentle quality.

What’s most hidden is what emanates most

vividly : aglow steadily, ‘steadily’ [this]

instant EdenRiver banklessly,

each one’s midmost Mercy/Power on

unlazily, wordlessly aware where

there need not be poetry.

Five senses don’t dim deLight?

‘Dim’ is illusory.

Stubborn just the same!

True I AM identity is openly

no name : one

hovers in GodGlow…

That no thought can know!

Witness of brainbow,

there’s no need to clear:

mirror stainlessness undyed

precisely where

senses appear.

Mental moonlight [that’s] GodSun,

does it wane & wax?

GodSpace never goes away all

through these bodysacks : each

one’s discovery…

All this ‘soul’ nonsense—

projections of egoity!

GodSun spotlit ‘tween [these] ears

transcends idolatry; transcends

seeking now/eternal actuality.

What draws focus Up to it?

‘It’ dam-word gone away.

Lifeline Up—

(beyond close-to)…

GodSun has no ray!

Mindcloud center(s)

‘to’ GodSky:

sudden unity.

So many never see…

To this day 11th plague is

shell idolatry, but Day One

deLight glows on—

Now compassionately!

Empty atom field…

Fills all undividedly!

Secret mantra nested/soaring

in-hears silently.

Precious portion...

‘tween the ears?

Where atoms are empty . . .

Sideless stability!

Stubborn god-clogs?

Are dissolved self-recognizedly!

Once & for all?

Self-discovered self-restoringly,

enhancing ecstasy!

Overwhelming bliss?

Oh no. Familiarity.

Self-recognizing essence?

deLight authenticity!

Authority we must salute?

Oh on the contrary—

saluting slaps GodFace by

casting I AM out as ‘Thee.’

Fall into deLight


Separation-free, I AM egolessly,

profound intimacy!

Best known wordlessly.

That’s why you sometimes say

‘there need not be poetry’?

As wise wordage works

words drop : dissolved


Is there a ‘higher’ level?

Undistracted utterly—

now-flow motionlessly—

No thought(s) necessary to

know no-name God


That’s why I do say that

there need not be poetry.

Does AH moment ever end?

It ends

trying to see.

I give you the finger

Enskulled holy of holies

unsmudged by post & pre:

‘arrives’ as I AM & I AM


‘Arrival’ is approachable?

By sudden unity, ‘approach’

done away with mating




Miraculously vivid...

equals indescribably!

I give you the finger

via pointing poetry—

Finger amputated!


you cut through healingly.

Ken Goodman mates ecstatic meditation & poetry creation in Cleveland, Ohio.