Don’t forget, cult is short for culture!

I was in a cult.

“I don’t usually lead with this,” I tell a new friend over dinner.

Only I do. I lead with it every time.

I was in a cult.

It’s the first thing I’ll tell you. And then nothing else.

It’s love

You’re allergic to cats and don’t have a bathtub

Get one

We’ll drown my cats in it

Forsyth Harmon is the author and illustrator of Justine. She is also the illustrator of national bestseller Girlhood by Melissa Febos and The Art of the Affair by Catherine Lacey. Forsyth’s work has been featured in Granta, BOMB, Refinery29, The Believer, and more. She received both a BA and an MFA from Columbia University and lives in New York.