Vanessa Aricco

hula hooping

was the only thing

i ever won a

blue ribbon for

i could not run

i could not climb

but i could make

circles with my hips


my body

my flesh


keeping the

world up

was sex

power or


like tentacle

or tongue

fierce venom

of a killer

a red dick


intimate but

not personal

Smoking stale cigarettes

Drinking St. Vincent red

Cum stains in my hair

Smells like Jr. High

Staring at the small

White kitchen table

Vanessa Aricco is a multimedia poet living in Kansas City. She's released two poetry albums, The Midnight Rush and Human Animal, and occasionally works on a free-form audio project called Story Idea. She was a Charlotte Street Foundation 2019-22 Studio Resident where she completed her first full-length poetry manuscript.